I fought the law and the law …

I got a ticket for parking in my driveway last weekend.  Weird, eh?  Here is my email correspondence to the Denver parking violations office:

date: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 10:00 AM
subject: Citation #: 137105264

Dear Parking Violation Office,

On Saturday, August 27 2011, I received a parking citation at my house on ??? St. As with any Broncos home game, I know to move my car to my driveway in order to not receive a ticket [1]. Therefore, I did exactly that on Saturday morning in order to prevent said violation. Upon going to my car at approximately 8.30 pm that night, I was shocked to see that the parking violations officer placed a ticket on my windshield with the Officer’s Comments being “In Area HD SB Not Unsable Drive” [2]. I have no idea what this means given that (1) this is a clear driveway for my house, (2) my car doesn’t interfere with the sidewalk nor the street when in the driveway, and (3) I parked there for every Broncos game last year without incident. A particularly troubling aspect of this incident is that the officer had to walk into my yard/driveway in order to give me a ticket.

I am happy to send you pictures of exactly where my car was in order to clear this up. I have included two pictures from Google maps using the ‘street view’ in order to show shots of the driveway. Note that my car is a 2010 Jetta and the car in the picture is a Subaru Forrester (much bigger than the Jetta). I think that the Forester could be blocking the sidewalk by about 1 foot (in these pictures), however, there is plenty of space behind the car and our car is much smaller than this Forrester. Therefore, there is no need to block either the sidewalk or the street when using our parking space.

Thanks for your time,

[1] – I received a parking citation for parking in the street during a Broncos game during the first pre-season game of 2010 (shortly after moving to 2749 Decatur St). Since that initial transgression, I have used my parking lot without incident.

[2] – After reading this email and looking at the pictures, can you please send me an explicit explanation of what the quoted statement means in terms of the Denver City Law so that I can correctly assess whether or not my driveway is in violation of this law/ordinance?

I forgot to tell them what I wanted from the initial email, so I had to follow-up:

date: Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 2:00 PM
subject: Re: Citation #: 137105264

To be clear, I am asking for this violation to be revoked due to a mistake in the Parking Officer’s judgement; I would appreciate a response in a timely manner.


Their lame-ass response:

date: Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 9:22 AM
subject: RE: Citation #: 137105264

We have submitted your claim to the Parking Magistrates for review, we will notify you by mail of their determination.

Here are the pictures that I referenced in the initial email:



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3 responses to “I fought the law and the law …

  1. Kenny

    In Denver, the tree lawns, those spaces between street and the sidewalk, are in the public-right-of-way and city property; although, the home owner is responsible for the up keep. So, it looks like that Subaru is technically parked on city property. However, I have no idea what the parking legalities are in that space.

    • Ryan

      The parking magistrate said that it is technically legal to park there, but it’s a violation if we’re blocking the sidewalk or if we were hanging out in the street. I took a picture of our car in the space, he said it was fine, and waived the fine.

  2. Have you considered adding a few social bookmarking links to these sites. At the very least for twitter.

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