The Wave

This post is not related to the Twitter (or other site’s) API.  I have learned quite a bit about a python module for accessing tweets (thanks be to Andy @ the Cable Lounge), as well as an R package for doing something similar.  I haven’t decided which I think is better.  However, I might start hacking around on the R package with Jeff Gentry (creator of the twitteR), so this might influence my decision! 🙂  I’ll get back to the topic of my previous post in a week or so.

This post is simply to say…Holy Crap, Google Wave is un-freakin-believable!  If you didn’t sign up for the beta test, beg your friends/colleagues/etc. for an invite — you will not be disappointed!  Just thinking about everything that went in to this project is mind boggling.

I’m pretty sure that the Google Wave team sent George Jetson back in time in order to give us a glimpse into the future.  Flying mobiles are next.

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  1. I like how you can see the keystrokes as you type instead of after you hit enter. Looks like it is going to take the place of facebook!

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